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You are actually connected to the D'Aoust genealogy. Guillaume D'Aoust, son of Nicolas D'Aoust and Jeanne Aubert, came to Quebec from Picardie in France. That was many years ago, around 1650. Since his wedding with Marie Madeleine Angèle Lalonde, over 4300 marriage were celebrated.

You can find many answers to your question by searching this site. All Guillaume's childrens are called D'Aoust, it is done this way to avoid names's mistake. Whether you are called Dault, Daoust or even Deault, your family is probably here.

Advice : Search the lastname of your grand-parent that isn't a D'Aoust. Like, search « Gauthier » if your grand-mother is a Gauthier so you'll have less information to investigate.

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